Top 12 Event Venues in NYC with Outdoor Space

While most event venues in NYC don’t offer much in the way of outdoor space, some of the best spaces in the city do. Here are 12 of our favorite Manhattan venues with outdoor space.

NYC Event Venue Budgeting 101

During my time as a corporate event planner in NYC, whenever I’d get tasked with “finding the perfect venue” for an event, I would be filled with half excitement and half dread. Of course, the act of venue hunting in isolation is entirely exciting. Who doesn’t love exploring new spaces in the hopes of finding one with the perfect ambience for a party or a conference? From discovering magical skyline views and inspiring architecture to envisioning all the ways to transform a blank white room, venue hunting has lots of perks.

4 Steps to planning an event with Revelr

After planning countless events, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped website that aims to simplify the process for anyone planning an event, whether you’re a first-time event novice or the most experienced planner. In just 4 easy steps, the site will help you get your next event off the ground in minutes. Here’s how it works.

7 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Most events or special occasions involve some sort of food and drinks. Chances are, those planning the event will have to look for a caterer to provide some or all of what guests will be eating and drinking. But it’s important to keep in mind that caterers come in all shapes and sizes, and some may be better matches for your events than others. While Revelr’s platform can connect you to talented caterers who meet you specific event needs, here are 7 questions to ask any prospective caterer before making that initial deposit:

A 5-Step Primer For Holiday Party Planning and Budgeting

Despite the fact that we’re not yet pulling out our winter coats or drinking eggnog anytime soon, we at Revelr are already busy preparing for the holiday party season. After working with numerous clients over the years, we’ve put together a planning and budgeting primer to help you navigate the challenges of planning a corporate holiday party. Whatever your budget, with a little guidance and advance planning, it’s possible to organize a beautiful soiree that will be fun to plan and that your guests will remember!

4 Tips for a Successful Corporate Event

When I fell into the serendipitous task of organizing my first corporate event in New York City, I knew very little about event planning and couldn’t have imagined that in a few years, I’d be launching my own event planning venture. Thankfully, on this maiden voyage, I had the support of an event planning department to guide me. Over the years, as I got more involved with event planning, I started to learn that while a lot of event planning is planning for the expected, the real pros know that the secret is planning for the unexpected. We’ve all seen it happen while attending an event: a microphone dies, the WiFi stops working, a speaker is missing, or the PowerPoint presentation isn’t loading. Most of the time, after a little shuffling, the show goes on, but being prepared for those little incidents before they occur is key.

6 Summer Entertaining Do’s and Don’ts

I have fond memories of warm summer dinner parties when my father would grill Korean BBQ while my sister and I would catch one last swim before sunset, and then my family and our guests would sit outdoors at our small picnic table, eating a panoply of Korean and American food. My hair would be wet and my legs covered in mosquito bites, but those dinners still serve as some of my fondest memories of summer soireés.

My Favorite Summer Cocktail Recipes for All Levels of Expertise

As someone who’s generally happy sipping on a white wine spritzer on most hot days, I don’t require very much in the way of cocktails. But when I host friends and am feeling brave, there’s nothing like a specialty cocktail to make an event particularly memorable. From time to time, I’ll venture into the unknown waters of bartending, harnessing my inner mixologist. On those rare occasions, I’ll get out the blender and chop herbs to produce a yummy cocktail, subsequently spending lots of time measuring, shaking, and stirring the perfect drink. But there are equally just as many occasions when I don’t want to spend so much time prepping, and I want to simply combine ingredients from my refrigerator with a few splashes of this or that to make an easy (and delicious) treat, particularly when it’s just a casual gathering with old friends. Below, I’ve compiled some delicious summer cocktail recipes that anyone can make, from the experienced bartender to the novice, to give your event some extra oomph.

8 Spotify Playlists for Your Next Event

After weeks of preparation, tireless logistical oversight, and exhaustive attention to detail, the party is set. The bar is stocked, and every napkin and plate is in place. Then, in the final moments of preparation, you become acutely aware of the heavy silence hanging in the air. Events are all about the senses. Great events should engage sight, smell, taste, and hearing. But the sound aspect often falls to the back of the priority list, so many hosts scramble at the last moment to get the music sorted out. Nowadays, we all have Spotify to help us out with suggested music for any occasion. There are endless playlists that do most of the work for you: “Get Turnt,” “Afternoon Acoustic,” “The Piano Bar,” and “Chillin’ on a Dirt Road” are just a few examples. But what if the options are just too overwhelming? We here at Revelr have found a few tried and true playlist options for different sorts of events that are sure to please just about any crowd.