9 Fabulous and Affordable Houston Baby Shower Venues

From art galleries to restaurants and hotels, Houston has some hidden gem spots for your next baby shower. Here are 9 of our favorite fabulous and affordable Houston baby shower venues.

5 of the Best Affordable NYC Wedding Planners

In New York City, wedding planners can cost more than entire weddings in other geographies. But, if you know where to look, it's possible to find an expert planner who will transform your vision to life without breaking the bank.

9 Gorgeous NYC Studios For Your Next Event

Studios can be among the most versatile spaces for hosting a range of events – from corporate meetings and conferences to photo shoots and pop-up stores. New York City is perhaps home to more unique studio spaces than just about anywhere else. Here are 10 of Manhattan’s most gorgeous studios for hosting corporate or social events.

21 Exquisite Private Dining Rooms in NYC

From closing dinners to holiday parties and milestone celebrations, restaurant private dining rooms are a great choice for a range of corporate events in New York City. Here are are 21 of the most exquisite private dining rooms in Manhattan.

Top 12 Event Venues in NYC with Outdoor Space

While most event venues in NYC don’t offer much in the way of outdoor space, some of the best spaces in the city do. Here are 12 of our favorite Manhattan venues with outdoor space.

NYC Event Venue Budgeting 101

During my time as a corporate event planner in NYC, whenever I’d get tasked with “finding the perfect venue” for an event, I would be filled with half excitement and half dread. Of course, the act of venue hunting in isolation is entirely exciting. Who doesn’t love exploring new spaces in the hopes of finding one with the perfect ambience for a party or a conference? From discovering magical skyline views and inspiring architecture to envisioning all the ways to transform a blank white room, venue hunting has lots of perks.

4 Steps to planning an event with Revelr

After planning countless events, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped website that aims to simplify the process for anyone planning an event, whether you’re a first-time event novice or the most experienced planner. In just 4 easy steps, the site will help you get your next event off the ground in minutes. Here’s how it works.

7 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Most events or special occasions involve some sort of food and drinks. Chances are, those planning the event will have to look for a caterer to provide some or all of what guests will be eating and drinking. But it’s important to keep in mind that caterers come in all shapes and sizes, and some may be better matches for your events than others. While Revelr’s platform can connect you to talented caterers who meet you specific event needs, here are 7 questions to ask any prospective caterer before making that initial deposit:

A 5-Step Primer For Holiday Party Planning and Budgeting

Despite the fact that we’re not yet pulling out our winter coats or drinking eggnog anytime soon, we at Revelr are already busy preparing for the holiday party season. After working with numerous clients over the years, we’ve put together a planning and budgeting primer to help you navigate the challenges of planning a corporate holiday party. Whatever your budget, with a little guidance and advance planning, it’s possible to organize a beautiful soiree that will be fun to plan and that your guests will remember!