5 Questions to Ask Your Event Planner

Once you find the right planner for your event on Revelr, you’ll probably be breathing a huge sigh of relief. After all, someone (besides your family!) will finally have your back to guide you in this unknown territory, and the planner will be there to help you navigate the ins and outs of your event and calm you down when the unexpected happens. So after you get matched to the perfect planner, you’ll probably be ready to dive in head-first and start working together ASAP. Chances are, your planner will begin by asking you a series of questions. Event planners specialize in asking lots of questions (you know you’ve met a great one when your first meeting is spent talking more about yourself than asking questions!). But there are certain questions you should be asking at the outset as well.

The Revelr Dress Code Cheat Sheet

Remember being a teen, when pretty much the only event dress code you stressed about was prom? Life seemed a lot simpler then. Nowadays, the sartorial conundrums for events seem endless, as attire codification spans from super formal to uber casual, with variations and gray areas in between. So what’s a gal or guy to do? Here, we at Revelr layout exactly what each code means in terms of specifics, so that you can spare yourself from hours of texting your friends about what to wear.

A Cheat Sheet for Seasonal Flowers

Working just a few blocks from the Flower District in New York certainly has its perks. Aside from providing an instant pick-me-up on even the grayest of days, I’m also able to track what’s in season, giving me a better understanding for what to buy when. And since our mission at Revelr is about making even the simplest gathering unforgettable (and affordable), we’re providing a cheat sheet for what flowers to purchase when, so that you can save a few bucks while not sacrificing beauty.

5 Tips for Keeping Guests Happy

It’s hard to maintain perspective on the broader goals of an event when you’re in the throes of designing your dream wedding or dinner, worrying about exactly which Champagne glass perfectly accompanies your china and finding the ideal spot for those highboys during cocktail hour. And even though you’ve likely spent hours agonizing over design details like your invitation font, the chargers, and the linens, chances are your guests will not appreciate those aesthetic details nearly as much as they’ll notice how well the event flows overall. It’s important not to forget this very fact when we plan events.

Event Favors Guests Actually Keep

At my home, there is a drawer that resides in our kitchen – what we call the “catch-all” drawer. It’s likely you have a version of this as well. Amongst its inhabitants are old gift cards, USB cords, scotch tape, and random knick-knacks collected over the years, many of which were originally wedding and event favors. Most favors are relatively forgettable. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually used even those favors I’ve held on to. But the few that are memorable are often truly cherished, particularly if they are personal and useful. Here, we at Revelr share some ideas for the best favors that stand the test of time.

Spring Floral Tips for Any Event

New York has this lovely habit of teasing its inhabitants with the coming of spring. It’s usually not until mid-April that snow is officially off the forecasts and warm weather becomes the norm, but as early as March there are little harbingers of longer, warmer days that seem to radiate from the sidewalks: people donning lighter coats, the renaissance of iced coffee after a season of hibernation, and, my personal favorite, the intense waft of hyacinth that seems to permeate from nearly every corner deli.

10 Creative Ways to Save on Your Wedding

You’re newly engaged, walking on air, gazing at your left hand to admire the bedazzled band that now sits on your fourth finger for all the world to see. And then, eventually, the clouds part, and it’s time to start planning.