5 of the Best Affordable NYC Wedding Photographers

Finding an affordable wedding photographer in New York City can be a challenge. When it comes to pricing, the sky really is the limit. But you shouldn't have to break the bank to capture all the photo-worthy moments of your big day. That said, no one wants to cheap out when it comes to photos that will live on forever, so it's important to find a vetted professional with a fabulous portfolio of work. If you’re looking for a talented and affordable NYC wedding photographer, simply post your request on Revelr to hear back within minutes from the perfect photographer for your vision and budget. Here are 5 of NYC's top wedding photographers:

Craig Hanson Photography: Craig is a seasoned NYC-based photographer specializing in personal and corporate event photography.

Erika Kapin Photography: Erika Kapin is a wedding photographer who loves to share the stories of people, their relationships with the world, and their relationships with each other.

Jolene Siana Photography: Jolene is a Brooklyn-based photographer who specializes in weddings in the city and surrounding region.

Marc Solomon Photography: Marc Solomon offers professional and affordable Nikon digital photography for weddings in the greater NYC area.

Marek Lukac Photography: Marek is a NYC-based photographer who captures gorgeous wedding images in a range of settings.

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