9 Spectacular Boat Cruises in the New York Harbor

Partying on land is so...predictable. Sometimes to really let loose, you need to leave terra firma and get some wind in your hair. That’s why we’ve compiled nine of our favorite yachts in New York City, great for setting sail along the Hudson and East Rivers. Boat wedding? Check! Yacht dance party? Check! Private sailboat where you just watch the Statue of Liberty go by because sure, you’ve seen it, but have you really seen it? Check!

Atlantis New York

Standing Capacity: 400 • Seated Capacity: 300

If you’re looking for something fancy, you’ve discovered it with Atlantis. With three decks, there’s more than enough room for anything from a boat wedding to a company bash. The Atlantis effortlessly combines amazing dining, stunning surroundings, and top-tier hospitality with a boat that was made to look like a billionaire’s playground (that you can rent for you and up to 400 of your friends!)

Hornblower Hybrid

Standing Capacity: 600 • Seated Capacity: 375

Cruise across the NYC skyline in this crystal clear dream. The glass atrium gives you 360-views of the city, all within a climate-controlled deck (because we know New York weather definitely needs some controlling). The Hornblower Hybrid has everything you’d expect from a first-class space: catering services, state-of-the-art A/V equipment, and full bars on each deck.

Hornblower Lexington

Standing Capacity: 120 • Seated Capacity: 90

Oh, this one? She stylish. The Hornblower Lexington exudes classic tastes with a modern flair. This private cruise has incredible views and would make such a charming space for a friendly shindig or an intimate boat wedding. Seriously, when people ask, “Where’d you get married?” You can respond, “Basically all over New York.”

Bateaux New York

Standing Capacity: 300 • Seated Capacity: 300

This European-inspired glass ship — well-known for its brunch, dinner and cocktail cruises — is perfect for your next private event. Its open-air decks will help you soak-up glorious views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Build, and more. You can even have their event planners customize a full deck or charter just for you on the Bateaux. It’s a chance to really experience New York City, and seriously when was the last time you did that?

Spirit of New York

Standing Capacity: 600 • Seated Capacity: 425

Thanks to the spirit of The Spirit of New York, your next corporate event doesn’t have to be a snoozer. Cruise around the New York Harbor in a space that’s suited for everything from a sales retreat to a holiday party. It’s amazing how sailing NYC can really help you fall in love with the city once again. And honestly, everyone deserves a little more love.

America 2.0

Standing Capacity: 85 • Seated Capacity:

If you’re looking for a more intimate event (and who isn’t?), America 2.0 is how you can sail NYC in style. On this all-too-perfect sailboat, you can start at the East River and go someplace truly special: away. It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do to make a social event not stressful, even for the introverts!

Liberty Belle

Standing Capacity: 600 • Seated Capacity: 300

Oh darlin’ thing of the photos you’ll get from this beaut. And she is, truly, such a beaut. This classic-style boat can accommodate fverything from a boat wedding to a corporate conference. And for those who are into numbers: Liberty Belle has two dance floors, four full-sized bars, and an infinite number of amenities.


Standing Capacity: 200 • Seated Capacity: 60

Cute boat is cute! If you’re looking for a simple yacht cruise that does every detail right, Cosmo is your boat. It’s got a spacious, climate-controlled deck, completely open outdoor deck, and an intimate dance floor for any and all dancing needs. This is your ultimate booze cruise.


Standing Capacity: 140 • Seated Capacity:

Oh, it’s quite amazing the places you can go from the Hudson River. This 157-foot three-masted mega yacht is truly, truly mega. Arabella does Hamptons in August, New York Harbor from May to July, and full-on luxury every single day. If you’re looking for a luxury NYC sailing, this private cruise is the answer.

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